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Link in TikTok Bio and Link in Instagram Bio: How to make and the benefits

Link in TikTok Bio and Link in Instagram Bio: How to make and the benefits

Jalinrelasi.com - In this era of digitalization, many people like to play with social media, starting from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, and other social media. Some people have one social media (social media) or even two or more social media. For those of you who have social media accounts on Instagram and TikTok, now there is a way to link the two social media, namely by creating a link in the TikTok bio and a link in the Instagram bio.

Difference between Instagram and Tiktok

Instagram is a social media platform where most of its users are people who like to take photos or make videos. They like to take selfies or selcas with cool photo styles, sometimes even silly. Meanwhile, Tiktok is well-known as one of the social media that often displays dance videos or dances that are funny, cool, and even seem eccentric. However, Tiktok account users also sometimes make videos with a duration of a few seconds containing important information for their followers.

What exactly is the bio link?

Bio link (bio link) is basically a kind of url link that connects one social media account with other social media accounts. Usually the two social media accounts are privately owned. For example, you have an Instagram account and in the Instagram bio section, you put a TikTok bio link or other social media links. If you click on the bio link, you and your followers can directly connect to other social media pages.

Advantages of Making Instagram and Tiktok Bio Links

Making bio links on both the Instagram and TikTok platforms can provide several advantages or benefits, namely to direct followers to be able to connect to several important pages, including:
  1. Website or blog page.
  2. Certain social media platform pages.
  3. Product pages on business accounts.
  4. The page of an online store.
  5. Followers can take part in a poll organized by a certain website or social media.

Place the Bio Link on the Instagram Platform

You can find your Instagram account bio link quite easily, which is located at the very top, especially on user profiles. How to make an Instagram bio link can be done very easily. Try looking for other important information sections, such as the number of followers and the number of posts (feeds). If the bio link is typed correctly, it will usually be blue. You can add a little description of the bio link that you created on your Instagram account so that your followers are interested and willing to click on the bio link that you created.

Place the Bio Link on the TikTok Platform

Meanwhile, you can see the bio link on the TikTok platform on the user (content creator) profile page, especially at the top of your TikTok page. How to make a TikTok bio link is actually very easy. You just need to do several steps, such as the following:
  1. Please click edit profile which is located at the top of the Tiktok account profile page.
  2. You can copy and paste the url link in bio or type the complete url link. If the writing is correct, then the bio link will turn blue. Write your social media bio links however you like and usually only one bio link is allowed.
  3. Please click the submit section which is located at the bottom of your Tiktok account.
Now you understand not about the benefits and how to create a link in the TikTok bio and a link in the Instagram bio. Good luck and hopefully your posts on Instagram and TikTok will be liked by many followers.

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