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Fossil Smartwatch Gen 5: Cool Features and Affordable Prices

Fossil Smartwatch Gen 5: Cool Features and Affordable Prices

Jalinrelasi.com - Not only smartphones, it turns out that the development of digital technology has also penetrated smartwatch products. In this regard, Fossil Smartwatch also enliven the smartwatch market share in the country. So, what are the product variants of this smartwatch brand? What are the advantages displayed on each product? Want to know the full answer? Let's look at the following explanation.

Fossil smartwatch is a smartwatch or smartwatch that uses the Android OS (Operating System). This means that the smartwatch owner of this watch must have a Google account in order to use various interesting applications from Google. As a smartwatch that uses digital technology, it means that this smartwatch can operate smoothly when connected to an internet connection.

Fossil Smartwatch Gen 5 Specifications

This smartwatch has specifications that are fairly sophisticated when compared to
previous output. Here are some of them:

1. 44mm Case Size

This smartwatch has a size of 44 mm that can be used by both men and women.

2. Stainless Steel Case, Pushers, and Topring

The case on this smartwatch is made of stainless steel which is equipped with pushers and toppings.

3. 24+ Hours Battery Life

This smartwatch has proven battery strength and can even live for more than 24 hours. However, if you use the smartwatch too often, the battery will run out quickly and need to be recharged.

4. Sensors

Another advantage that this smartwatch has is that it has several advanced sensors, including:

a. Heart Rate, which is a program that can calculate the heart rate.

b. GPS, which can help find a specific location or point.

c. NFC

d. Altimeter, which is an instrument for measuring sea level.

e. Accelerometer, which is a sensor used to measure the speed of a certain movement or object.

f. Gyroscope

g. Ambient light, for lighting.

h. Microphone

5. OS by Google and iOS by Apple

This smartwatch can operate with Android OS 4.4+ from Google and iOS10 from Apple.

6. Swimproof

This smartwatch is quite waterproof when used while the wearer is swimming.

7. Bluetooth Connection

There is a bluetooth connection on this smartwatch so that users can transfer important data to other devices.

8. Amoled 1.3 Inch Touchscreen Digital Display

This smartwatch measures 1.3 inches and uses a touch screen display. This is certainly very easy to use and suitable for those of you who are business people, students, or students.

Menu Displayed on Smartwatch

As with smartphones, the screen display on the smartwatch is also equipped with several slick menus or features, including:

1. Phone
2. SMS
3. There are several popular applications, such as WA, Facebook, and others.
4. Music
5. Notifications, from several Google and iOS applications, and several other interesting menus.

Fossil Smartwatch Price

The selling price of the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is quite affordable with a range of IDR 2.8 million to IDR 3.3 million. To get it, you can visit a watch shop, cellphone store, or even shop online specifically to buy this smartwatch.

Smartwatch for Fashion Appetite

Some men and women, especially those who live in urban areas, usually pay attention to fashion issues. Moreover, for women, this smartwatch can be used as a complement to your fashion taste. This smartwatch is available in several colors so that male and female consumers can choose their own smartwatch color that they like.

Come on, get a Fossil smartwatch directly at the nearest shopping center or order through an online store. That way, you can try out various cool features that can certainly help make your business easier.

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