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6 List of the Best Universities in Australia Most Recommended

6 List of the Best Universities in Australia Most Recommended

Jalinrelasi.com - Education can be a determining factor for a person's success. That is why many Indonesian students deliberately study abroad, such as Australia, in order to gain a lot of important and quality knowledge according to their respective fields. Australia is one of the developed countries with quality education and its location is close to Indonesia. So, what is the list of the best universities in Australia? Want to know right? The following is a review of the list of these universities.

Why choose to study in Australia?

Australian citizens have good human resources because education in this country is carried out optimally with professional teaching staff, including lecturers at universities. Several campuses in Australia are known to be included in the Times Higher Education World's list of the 100 best campuses in the world. The assessment as a superior campus is based on certain criteria, including aspects of teaching and research, international outlook, and knowledge transfer. Here are the names of the best universities in Australia 2022:

1. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne (University of Melbourne) was founded in 1853 and is located in Parkville, Victoria. The university is the second oldest campus in Australia. Students studying at this university can choose several interesting majors, including cultural studies, biomedicine, and social sciences. There are at least around 40,000 students studying at this campus and it is supported by 6000 staff.

2. Australian National University

The Australian National University (Australian National University) is located in Canberra and has been around since 1946. Students from various countries have studied at this university and the number is around 23,000 students. Some of your favorite majors that you can study at this campus include business, computing, engineering, social sciences, science, design & art, law, accounting & finance, agriculture & forestry, and other interesting majors.

3. Queensland University

The University of Queensland (University of Queensland) was founded in 1909. As the name implies, the campus is located in the state of Queensland. This campus has graduated at least 280,000 alumni, some of whom have become successful and quite popular. Some of the alumni of this campus are known to have won Nobel Prizes, Academy Award-winning artists, government officials, legal experts, scientists, and other prestigious professions. Several majors offered at this campus, namely education, medicine, computer engineering, economics & business, architecture, agriculture & environment, health, and others.

4. Monash University

Monash University (University of Monash) can be found in the city of Clayton, Victoria state. This campus has been around since 1958 and is one of the largest campuses in Australia. This campus is quite calculated in the eyes of the world because every year it is always included in the list of the 100 best campuses in the world. There are various courses that students can study, including oral health, biomedicine, agriculture, art, commerce, design, and agriculture.

5. University of Sydney

If your family or friends are in Sydney, then you may choose the University of Sydney (University of Sydney) as a campus to continue your undergraduate education. This campus is quite popular because it ranks 58th in the world. The best courses have been taught to thousands of students, both from within and outside Australia. Some of them are health sciences, business, agriculture & environment, arts & social sciences, architecture, information technology, and others.

6. UNSW University

The University of UNSW (University of New South Wales) is located in the city of Kensington, the state of Sydney. According to an assessment from the QS World University Rankings, the campus has a five-star rating. This indicates that UNSW is considered a quality campus in the eyes of the world. Students can choose from several courses on offer, such as science, law, business, engineering, medicine, arts & social sciences, art & design, and other quality majors.

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