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5 Tips to Learn Guitar. Guaranteed Instantly Proficient!

5 Tips to Learn Guitar. Guaranteed Instantly Proficient!

Jalinrelasi.com - The guitar strumming is really melodious and sometimes heart-wrenching. Yes, that's an illustration of how beautiful the sound of strumming the guitar. The melody of the guitar is sometimes able to make anyone who hears it dissolve into silence and various feelings, be it sad, happy, or the emotions contained in a song. Singing while playing guitar is fun, especially when done with friends. Are you also interested in learning guitar? For this, you don't need to be confused because there are guitar learning tips. Let's follow some of the steps below:

5 Tips to Learn Guitar

1. Understand the Basic Key to Playing the Guitar

You can also do your own guitar learning tips at home. You need to know that basically there are two kinds of guitars, namely electric guitars and acoustic guitars. These two types of guitars have both similarities and differences. The similarity between the two guitars is that they have the same basic chord in playing guitar. Meanwhile, in terms of differences, acoustic guitars and electric guitars have different tuning sides. There are 6 strings in a guitar and each string is a different thickness. The thickness of the strings is what makes the guitar sound different.

2. Understand Tuning on the Guitar

The next quick guitar learning tip is to learn tuning. In order to more easily understand the tuning on the guitar, you must know in advance about the order of the strings. Standard guitars usually have a tuning sequence of E, A, D, G, B, to E. Tune on the guitar can be adjusted. The trick is to tighten or loosen the part of the tuner that is located at the end of the guitar. If you want to play on a high note, you just tighten the tuner. On the other hand, if you want to play low-pitched guitar music, then you can loosen that part of the tuner.

3. Learn How to Hold and Strum the Guitar Strings

After learning the basic chords and tuning the guitar, the next step is to learn how to hold the guitar. Make sure you're comfortably gripping the guitar, straighten your back, then grip the ends of the guitar strings with your hands.

To be able to strum the guitar well, use all five fingers on one hand. Make sure the position of your thumb is on the topmost string so that later you can pluck the bass on strings 4, 5, or 6. Meanwhile, string number 2 can be plucked using your index finger. While the number 1 string can be plucked using your ring finger.

4. Understand the Melody on the Guitar

You can learn the melody on the guitar through several basic things, including:
  • Tabulation, which is placing data in the form of a table and its contents are several song notes.
  • Scale, which usually starts from the pentatonic scale.
  • Learning improvisation, which is the process of experimenting with playing guitar. You can also learn to memorize the sounds on each string so that later you can create your own version of music with your guitar.

5. Focus and Diligently Practice Guitar

If you want to master the guitar faster, then you must focus and spend special time playing the guitar. You can read many literacy books, watch videos on how to play the guitar, and learn to strum the guitar for certain songs. As an initial practice, you can play an easy song first. If you are confused, don't hesitate to ask someone who is more skilled and ask him to guide you until you become proficient.

Come on, practice guitar learning tips directly. Just do it slowly and often. Gradually you will surely become a proficient person singing songs on the guitar.

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